In 2012 WingFlix will continue to explore American Politics. We are making a feature documentary in conjunction with Barbara Olschner, author of the book, “The Reluctant Republican,” which will be published this fall by the University of Florida Press.

In 2010 Barbara Olschner ran in the Republican congressional primary as a moderate in Florida’s District 2. In taking stock of her overwhelming defeat Olschner came to realize that her Republican Party had been taken over by right-wing ideologues. Her insights bring into focus her deepest fears for the country.

We will be traveling with Barbara Olscher to Tampa for the Republican Convention in August to document her observations on the election process. In September we will go to Charlotte for the Democratic Convention.

We want to examine the influence that the Tea Party, the Occupy Movement, the Citizen’s United Case. Super PACs and Think Tanks will have on the democratic process.

“The real advantage of democracy is not, as some say, to promote prosperity for all but merely to foster the well-being of the greater number.” Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America.

We completed our first foray into the election of 2012 by traveling to South Carolina for Republican Primary. We are currently working on a series of rough edited documentary shorts from the Palmetto State. The shorts can be viewed on YouTube with the links below. Stay tuned.

The Stephen Colbert-Herman Cain rally at the College of Charleston, January 20, 2012. The day before the South Carolina Republican Primary. Reverend Joseph Darby, pastor of Morris Brown AME Church of Charleston talks about South Carolina’s Republican Primary on January 20, 2012. South Carolina voters in Charleston and Columbia speak their minds on their way to the polls for the Republican Primary January 21, 2012.
Mitt Romney and Ron Paul supporters speak out before the Republican Primary results are in. Newt Gingrich victory celebration at the Hilton Hotel, Columbia, S.C., January 21, 2012. Newt Gingrich victory speech in the Columbia, South Carolina January 21, 2012.

In the 2010  WingFlix produced the 81-minute documentary, “Bigger than the Beatles,” covering the Obama Inauguration. In 2008 we completed the experimental, meta-documentary 82–minute “Medium Hot,” shot at the 2004 Republican National Convention in New York. In 2001 working with the New York City Indymedia Center we produced the 25-minute documentary “Not My President,” which covered the inauguration of George W. Bush.

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Inauguration 2017

Wingflix is an independent production company based in New York City. We are shooting a documentary, covering the inauguration of Donald Trump and other events in Washington, D.C. from January 14 to January 21. Our working title is “DOC:J:20:17.

The Inauguration of 2017 is going to be momentous, it could be hazardous, it will be very revealing. The national consciousness will be on display and we want to film it.

Our aesthetic is cinema verite, combining guerrilla camera work on the streets, formal interviews and developed storylines.

We will have at least twelve cameras on the streets to discover why people have come, what are their hopes and what are their expectations.

We want to give voice to all sides. If you are going to be in Washington, we want to talk to you.

Passions are high on all sides. We feel compelled to tell this story, to document the week in Washington as a struggle for the national soul.

Wingflix has made three other political films. January 2001 working with the Indymedia Center of New York City we produced the documentary “Not My President “ about the first inauguration of George W. Bush.

In 2004, at the Republican Convention in NYC we made “Medium Hot “ a homage to Haskell Wexler’s classic film “Medium Cool.” 

In 2009 we made “Bigger Than the Beatles “ a documentary about the inauguration of Barack Obama.

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