Inauguration 2017

Wingflix is an independent production company based in New York City. We are shooting a documentary, covering the inauguration of Donald Trump and other events in Washington, D.C. from January 14 to January 21. Our working title is “DOC:J:20:17.

The Inauguration of 2017 is going to be momentous, it could be hazardous, it will be very revealing. The national consciousness will be on display and we want to film it.

Our aesthetic is cinema verite, combining guerrilla camera work on the streets, formal interviews and developed storylines.

We will have at least twelve cameras on the streets to discover why people have come, what are their hopes and what are their expectations.

We want to give voice to all sides. If you are going to be in Washington, we want to talk to you.

Passions are high on all sides. We feel compelled to tell this story, to document the week in Washington as a struggle for the national soul.

Wingflix has made three other political films. January 2001 working with the Indymedia Center of New York City we produced the documentary “Not My President “ about the first inauguration of George W. Bush.

In 2004, at the Republican Convention in NYC we made “Medium Hot “ a homage to Haskell Wexler’s classic film “Medium Cool.” 

In 2009 we made “Bigger Than the Beatles “ a documentary about the inauguration of Barack Obama.

We have a Gofundme Drive: HERE
Any support you can give us would greatly appreciated.

“Bigger than the Beatles” to screen twice in May in Washington D.C.

“Bigger than the Beatles, Obama and the Peeps” the 81 minute WingFlix documentary on inauguration week 2009 in Washington, D.C. screens twice in the month of May in D.C.

Tuesday, May 22 at Bloombars, 3222 11th St NW at 7 pm followed by a Q & A for more info: or (202) 567-7713

Friday, May 25 at the Hill Center at the Old Naval Hospital, 921 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE at 7 pm followed by a Q & A, for more info: or 202.549.4172



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We are a New York City based Independent Film Company interested in the politics, science and people in the world around us.

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